I still gave myself reasons to believe otherwise, though. His actions were always justified by me; he had already give up justifying himself. I was fighting for something that was no longer there.

I saw his texts get shorter and his wait to reply get longer. His excuses not to be with me became a trend, so often that eventually it was expected. The text contained no trace of love not even so much as proper punctuation. No, he did not know when he was going to be free. Sure he was going to try. He always said that.

I had enough, I get tired but my heart said he will change like how he used to be, but what if he don’t? I can feel the distance between me and him getting bigger from day to day. I don’t know what to do, so do him. Because we get tired to fight for things that are not there anymore. And I guess we should stop here.


Nabila xoxo

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