I’m 21, I’m still learning about life. I’ve been through a lot just like everyone else. Now I understand why mama always said that “experience is the best teacher”. From family, friends, love life and society.

Just like others, I can’t run from the bad thoughts, toxic feelings and disappointment. I went through repeated heartbreak with friends, I went through heartbreak with boyfriend, I keep revisiting negative memories, I got confused with my future, I always feel not enough with everything.

People called me clumsy because I never do things right. I always asks God to show me the way, to tell me the reason “Why me?”. Ironically, I never realized that I have a better life more than half of the people out there. I was too busy focusing on what I don’t have, I was too busy focusing on negative things (pain & struggles) in my life.

Well, things might not go well now, but guess what? It’s not forever. Just like happiness. Happiness is not permanent. So do pain and struggles they are not permanent. Take it easy and live well.


Nabila xoxo

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