My heart pounds like a child when I see your name on my phone, everytime. You calls me every night before I go to sleep we talk about everything like there’s no tomorrow. We talk about random things, good times, bad times, our dreams, there’s no secret between us. We did nothing, we just talk to each other and hear each other voice but that make us the happiest.

We are so happy as we are right now. I like you and you like me but let’s just not talk about love. Let’s just not make things more complicated. Let’s just stay like this.

Our feelings are real. A strange story that no one believe can only be seen by us. They don’t know much about us. Isn’t the most important things the feelings we felt for each other are real? Why we have¬†explain to others what we felt for each other?

Let’s not talk about love, don’t try to trap us in the word of love. Don’t asks me why. Don’t make things more complicated. We will hurt each other if we live under the word of love. We are so happy as we are right now, let’s just stay like this.

I don’t want you to make promises because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. I don’t want valentine’s presents on valentine’s day because I don’t want us to become something that we can’t handle. I don’t want to lose you. I can’t see anyone but you. I want to keep you forever. But let’s just stay like this.

Let the fate decide for us. Let the time tell us everything. Let the future answer your questions.


Nabila xoxo

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