People asked “What biggest lesson you learn from a broken friendship?”

A-“You don’t necessarily get back what you give. And, you can’t expect things to stay the same way as it is. People change, people grow.”

Cut off negative feelings is the hardest especially when it comes from our bestie. When someone is our best friend, we usually assume that they always will be. I mean, how could things ever change? Our best friend is our shoulder to cry on after a rough day, the first person we call when we have a bad days, someone who we share our best and worst life experiences with. Sure, everyone in the world knows that “people change” but we usually figure that our best-friendship won’t break. We always have that confident that our best-friendship can survive anything because our bond is impossible to break. Friendships can survive distance, life changes, and tough arguments. Stuff like that is no problem if, for example, we still love to do the same things, have the same sense of humor, inside jokes, have the same music taste and value time spent together.

But, sometimes, we’ve come to the painful realization that we’ve grown apart from our best friend. Neither one of us have come to dislike one another, or we just don’t click like the way how we used to.

First of all, friendship supposed to give us positive vibes. When you feel like nothing positive coming out from your best-friendship especially when your best friend constantly disappoints you, treat you like you don’t matter or belittled you. Then you have to say buh bye to your best-friendship. You know that your best-friendship is over when you keep hurting each other everyday and you have no desire to fix it. You rather hold things back because you know its pointless to address the issues. You know to call it quits when you spend more time focusing the past than the present. You holding onto your best-friendship because of your memories together. You know what, it’s time to leave the past in the past. People grow apart and that’s okay.

You don’t need to cut ties completely. Stay cordial and respectful and try to focus on the positive. Remember that you and your best friend had a great best-friendship for many years that brought you mutual joy and support. They have been there for you through thick and thin. Not every friendship is meant to last forever and you’ll always care about the person even if they are not destined to be your lifelong BFF. Live life and take care of yourself. Know when to stop. Learn to walk alone, even if it is hard at first but you’ll get used to it. Believe me.

Love yourself. Self-love matter the most.


Nabila xoxo


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