Your pompadour hair your handsome smile you gave me,
Somehow I was attracted to you,
and I saw your girl came to you and kissed you passionately and your eyes wide open while you kissed her,
She looks so in love,
Well well men are just being a men,
I’m not surprised,
You came to me when your girl leave her sit,
Guys all are the same,
Such a boring conversation,
We don’t vibes,
such a senseless man,
I pity your girl,
Look at you,
Used your looks to seduce other women when your girl went to toilet for 10 minutes,
How cheap
Only good looks you have?
Pity you
Because a guy like you doesn’t fit in this expensive bar,
Were you hitting on me?
But my louboutin high heels, my chanel lipstick and my vercase dress,
Don’t date with a senseless and cheap guys like you,
How boring
Your 10 minutes times almost finished go back to you table and continue with your acting,
Because I won’t give my number, baby
I pity your girl, she got a boring and senseless man like you,
I pity your girl, when she went to fixed her make up to look good in front of you, you flirted with others women,
I pity you


Nabila xoxo


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