Are you crying, again? Why? They broke you thousands times already. There’s nothing to be break anymore. You’ve fall millions times already. There’s no pain bother you anymore. And now why you have to cry over and over again? You matter to no one. No one will hurt you anymore. No one will disappoints you anymore. So why are crying? Why? Why? After all these while thought you getting stronger.

I thought I’m getting stronger too. I thought I already get used this shitty life. I thought I wouldn’t cry again. I know I don’t matter to anyone. I know I am lonely. I know people disgust just to see my presence. I know people get tired of me. I know why my best friend leave me. I know every reason behind every sighs people gave me. I know every reasons behind every fake smile that they gave me. I knew when people disappoint in me and regrets for my existence in their life. I knew, everything I just pretend that I don’t.

Nabila xoxo

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